Heddy’s Library

Hello! And welcome to Heddy’s Library, a freshly made blog, created to give me a platform to share my love for literature, but also other addictions such as films, TV-shows and whatever cultural findings I should stumble upon.

I intend to use this blog as a place to write about what books (or other things) I am currently enjoying, reviews, lists, tips, and I’d also like to incorporate some of the literary theories from my studies, as some of it can be really fascinating. I am currently in my second year of Library- and Information Science, so I’m lucky enough to study something that encourages us to always read besides our curriculum, which makes me a tiny bit less guilty about the amount of non-school related stuff I’m always reading, when I should be preparing for my exams instead. Just a tiny bit.

I also hope that blogging about my reading experiences will help me expand my literary horizon, by “forcing” me to read more different genres and types of literature, as to not always write about the same sort of books over and over in an endless loop. Here’s to hoping!